Mission Statement and Program Philosophy

Mission Statement

NTR is committed to helping the people of Philadelphia, and the organizations that serve them, have access to and use of information and communication technology.

Program Philosophy

NTR serves low-income people in Philadelphia by recycling used computers, providing hands-on training, and assisting community-based service organizations to use computers in their work.

Annual Reports

Some are financial reports, some not:

  • Annual Report FY 2014 PDF
  • Annual Report FY 2014 Print Friendly Version PDF
  • IRS Form 990 for FY 2013 PDF
  • Financial Statement FY 2013 PDF
  • Financial Statement FY 2012 PDF
  • IRS Form 990 for FY 2011 PDF
  • Financial Statements FY 2011 PDF
  • IRS Form 990 for FY 2010 PDF
  • Financial Statements FY 2010 PDF
  • Annual Report 2009 PDF
  • Financial Statements FY 2009 PDF
  • Form 990-EZ for FY 2009 PDF
  • Free LTT 2009 PDF DOC
  • Financial Statements 2008 PDF
  • Form 990 FY 2008 PDF
  • Financial Review 2007 PDF
  • Form 990 FY 2007 PDF
  • Financial Review 2006 PDF
  • Free LTT 2006 PDF DOC
  • Annual Report 2005 PDF
  • Annual Report 2004 PDF
  • Annual Report 2003 PDF
  • Annual Report 2002 PDF
  • NTR's IRS Form 1023: Application for Exemption PDF

NTR in the News

  • Article "Tech Center Aims to Help Nonprofits, Residents" by Nathaniel Lee of Philadelphia Tribune (June 24, 2015)
  • Article "Philly Nonprofit Offers Options for those Without a Computer" by Michael Phillis of Philly Voice (April 8, 2015)
  • Article "Digital and Physical Worlds Collide at New EKG Exhibit" by PR Web (March 31, 2015)
  • Article "Your old computer could have a second lease on life. Donate it!" by Pilar C. Casi of Al Día News (Feb 26, 2015)
  • Article "Geek of the Week: Steven Feldman of Philadelphia's Nonprofit Technology Resources", by Colleen of Geekadelphia. (Dec 18, 2013).
  • Video "Cyberspace and Society Technology Showcase: Reducing the Digital Divide: Nonprofit Technology Resources", a YouTube video (4m47s) starring Stan Pokras, Yuancheng Xu, Zachary Shumar, Mahmound Hijazi, Malamine Togola, and Gabrielle Shirdan. (October 11, 2012).
  • Article The Hacktory, located here at NTR, co-organized the FM tuner-making workshop described in this Flying Kite article (June 28, 2011).
  • Video In this Newsworks video (1m50s, YouTube), the Hacktory and NTR team up to hammer decommissioned printers to smithereens! (Recorded April 26, 2011).
  • Radio Interview In this MP3 clip (11m35s, 5.3 MB), NTR Executive Director Stan Pokras does a guest spot on the WURD AM 900 show Barbershop Talk (episode aired April 7, 2011).
  • Article "Nonprofit Technology Resources leads digital literacy training, facing tightening budget" (March 25, 2011) by Nicholas Vadala at Technically Philly.
  • Radio Interview In this whole-show MP3 (one hour, 27.4 MB), NTR Executive Director Stan Pokras is the starring guest in an installment of WURD-900's Carol's Corner on Technology with James Cartwright and Stephanie Lowe. Topic: NTR and its place in the history of computing. (Aired June 16, 2010.)
  • Radio Interview In this whole-show MP3 (16m17s, 7.5 MB), NTR Executive Director Stan Pokras is one of three charity directors selected to give the Life-Net Radio audience insight into "Pennsylvania Nonprofits on the Brink: State Budget Impasse Kills Programs, Jobs".
  • Radio Interview In this MP3 clip (7m11s, 3.3 MB), NTR Executive Director Stan Pokras speaks with Shirley Carter, producer and host of the WURD AM 900 show Conversations (episode aired July 3, 2009).
  • Article "Nonprofit Technology Resources Aids in Preparing People for the Workforce" (Temple News Online, April 19, 2009) An article by Sue Ann Rybak.
  • Video Report "Free Computers for Students" (WPVI-TV 6, March 5, 2009, 1m53s) Report by Erica Grow. The occasion was Philadelphia First Lady Lisa Nutter's visit on a day when we were giving computers to students of Kensington International Business High School through the Philadelphia Academies program.
  • Article "Lisa Nutter Hands Out Free Computers from Non-profit" (Philadelphia Tribune, January 23, 2009)
  • TV "Local Non-Profit Helping Provide Technology" (KYW-TV 3 video, October 23, 2007, ran 1m56s) Report by Ukee Washington. This was shot on the occasion of a prestigious humanitarian award we received.
  • Video "A Tour of Nonprofit Technology Resources". Produced by Phil Shapiro and Justin Swain. (YouTube, 2006, MP4, 10m57s)
  • Article "Program Helps Put Computers in Homes" (Metro, July 25, 2005, PDF)
  • TV Primetime Weekend, a WPVI-6 series, included a segment (June 18, 2005) showing NTR's provision of free computers to students of the English as a second language class at Edison High School.
  • Article "NTR Announces New Youth Program" (Scoop USA, June 18, 2004, DOC)
  • Article "New NTR Program Has Technology Training Available" (Star, June 10, 2004, DOC)
  • Article "NTR's Electronic Kit Building Program" (Neighborhood Leader, May 22, 2004, DOC)
  • Article "NTR Hosts Gear Up Robotic Institute" (New Observer, August 20, 2003, DOC)
  • Article "Summer School for Smart Kids" (Philadelphia Daily News, July 14, 2003, DOC)
  • Article "Stan Pokras Communication Minister" (Philadelphia City Paper, May 29, 2003, GIF)
  • Article "NTR To Donate Computers to Low-Income Middle School Robotics Students" (DelawareValley.org, December 4, 2002)
  • Article "Church Group Meets to Cross Digital Divide" (Philadelphia Tribune, August 23, 2002, PDF) This article features an NTR project.
  • Article "A Better Place for Your Old Computer" (Philadelphia Inquirer, May 29, 2002, JPG) Commentary by Jeff Gelles.
  • Article "Nonprofit Technology Resources Inc -- Bridging the Gap" (New Observer, February 13, 2002, DOC)
  • Article "Here's how you can recycle your old, unwanted computer." (Philadelphia Inquirer, January 21, 2001) A piece in the FAQ column by John J. Fried, in the business section.
  • Article "Web site helps byte blight" (Philadelphia Daily News, June 26, 2000)
  • Article "ESL children learn about technology" (NTR Press Release, April 2, 1998)